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Homes 4 Sale London


Overview of Project

This was by far one of the more complicated website I developed as it has data base development and store of daily updated data. This website was developed for May to be a website to get contacted on for listing for house with in the area. It has a way to download data from the Matrix database to store locally, therefore not hitting the matrix every time some one goes to the website. I developed the website to have the regular contact form and a contact for per listing that would link back to the listing on the website so that May would know what the potential buyer was looking at.

I no longer run the updates for the data for May and I don't know if she currently is running them or not. But the time you are reading this page the website may even be down.


What did I do for this website and owner:

  • Developed and Design Website
  • Designed MS SQL website to hold data for listings
  • Designed data download from the MLS Matrix's
  • Google Business and Google analytics
  • Facebook page setup
  • Sitemap.xml updated with the Matrix data updating.


Project Information

Client : May Yong
Release Date : Jan 2018
Location : London, Ontario
Skills : ASP.Net, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Matrix Data Loading, MS SQL

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