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London Granite


Overview of Project

This project started it with the owner having a website previously with another developer. Unfortunatley the owner was hositng with someone holding his website and domain hostage. I copied the html code and the style sheets and every thing we needed to get his website back. Once we got control of the domain we were in business. I helped the owner gain he website, domain and logos back that he had already paid for, the previous developer even con another $50 just so he would transfer the domain into our control. 


I remember the previous developer threaten to sue me because my name was at the bottom of the website once I was done getting it back up and running for the owner. The thing is, I don't see how he could have sued me as the website was a template and he even left the original template name all over the website. I converted the website to be in asp.net c# and not just standard html. I fixed so many problem with the code, such as issues with the menu when the website is scaled responsively when on smaller devices. I got the owners Google Business Listing setup and Analytics setup within his website, helped setup social media websites and got his website runing properly. I help fix styling issues, developed a Gallery page, Marble page, Quartz page and finished the Granite page. I coded the contact form to actually work, along with fixing the image galleries bug it had within the footer of the website. 


Needless to say I probably coded more on this template than the original developer the owner hired ever did. added a free plugin to his gallery page so that when the owner uploads photos of his work on Facebook it will appear in his website gallery. Also I currenlty run Kijiji ads for him to keep is ads on top of the ad list.


Things I did/do for the website:

  • Copied website from original owner and hosting so owner would not loose website
  • Coverted website to asp.net c#
  • Fixed alot of bugs and design issues
  • Developed Gallery, Marble and Quartz page
  • Setup Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Setup Google Business Listing and Analytics
  • Sitemap.xml and uploaded to Search engines
  • Setup Bing Business listing
  • Kijij Ads daily refresh

Project Information

Client : Dominik Pieniadz
Release Date : Oct 2017
Location : Dorchester, Ontario
Skills : ASP.Net, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Facebook Gallery

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