There seems to always be a misconception about Web Designers and Web Developers. A lot of people think they are the same. In companies that develop websites for other businesses, usually they have designer and a couple of developers on staff to create the clients desired website. The simplest way I can think to describe what a web designer and a web developer do that is different is the following:


Web Designers: Make a website appearance or basically make the website visually appealing to potential clients.


Web Developers: Usually deal with the functionality of the website such as when you fill out a contact form. They also usually deal with any kind of data being used for the website.


That is the shortest answer I can provide to explain the difference between the two. A lot of businesses or even people in general believe that they are one and the same thing, that they make websites, which is not entire case. I am a Web Developer by my job title, so I apologize now in advance that I maybe a little bias.


As web developer I can setup your website from the ground up and created it to send emails save data to databases or bring data forward to your website. Make the website controls work to allow smooth use for the users of your website. Some but not all web designers only do mock ups as an image which means the developer would have to make the whole website. I have had the luxury of working with the more advanced designers that actually code the entire front-end and I just need to make the back-end of the website work. I have also noticed that a lot of people think because you can create a website that you know how do marketing. I am not sure why but they do seem to. The most marketing I know is how to create ads on Kijiji.  I can see more web designers knowing how to market your website as they are more on the creativity side of websites. Where web developers are more problem solvers, I have always said I am a glorified problem solver by trade.


Hope this helps people understand the main difference between web developers and web designers.