While redoing some websites and look over even the original developers website, I have noticed that a lot of websites copyright year always shows the year it was developed. This shouldn't be the case and with a simple edit to your website you can make it so that when the new year roles around your website will update it self automatically.

    Using the following:


© <script>document.write((new Date).getFullYear());</script> Jester Developer. All Right Reserved.

 You will get the following result:


© Jester Developer. All Right Reserved.

I will point out that this can technically not work for a select few people who view your website. The reason it may not work for everyone is that JavaScript runs on the client side of the browser. Therefore if there computer's date time is set to the wrong year it will show that year on your website when they view it.

Another alternative for this is if you are coding in ASP.Net which is my preferred language, you can technically set the year in your copyright from the server side, which should always be the correct date and time. 

   Using the following in C#:


myLabelID.Text = DateTime.Now.Year.ToString();


Hopefully with the information above I have provided, new website owners will ask their web developers if the year in the copyright is dynamic. If they say no, then instead of paying them more later to update the year, just provide the snippet of code above and tell them to put this in instead of  static year, also they will have to add a jquery library to the site which is free as well and past them this link: https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.2.1.min.js.