What We Do ?

Providing companies with web solutions and a online presence that is eye catching to potential clients.

Web Design and Development

Your website can be the first thing that represents your business to clients. That is why designs need to be elagant enough to catch their attention.

Content Management Systems

CMS are a key factor in keeping your website update. I provide a CMS that is integrated into your website that allows you to keep your website update.

Fully Responsive

A website should be responsive to allow user to use any device they have to see your webiste properly. With out a responsive website it effects the user experience in a negative way.


Can provide hosting of your website, which will also include back ups of your website. Therefore if the website ever crashes your website can be setup with easy.


Website that are secure are more likely to have a client trust a businesses website as it added that extra layer of security on anything submitted to a website.

Social Media

Setup on search engines, social media sites are important when creating a website it is not just having a website that draws potential clients to your business.


Jester Developer - Design, Develop, Solutions

Web Developer located in London, Ontario. Providing web solutions and creating online profiles for businesses.

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Jester Developer Site on monitors
Jester Developer Site on monitors

The Process

All websites start with an idea. Let's make your idea into a reality and get your business online.


We will discuss what you are looking for from your website and about how long the process and development of your idea will take.


Your website is going to be a reflection of your business this part needs to look sharp and match and business logos or slogans you may already have.


Development can take the longest, but it is the most important part. This is where custom content control, blog posting, etc happens.


Coffee Breaks are Important!


Latest News

Providing tips, tricks and even pieces of code, all in the hope to provide some helpful information on how to better your online business image.